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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I pay for shipping?
USA- USPS® First Class Mail shipping within the United States of America is FREE! All 50 states... and we absolutely do ship FREE to all US P.O. Boxes, HI, PR, Guam, US Virgin Islands and all US Military addresses.

- USPS® First Class Mail shipping to all other countries are charged a simple flat rate shipping charge of $6.00USD. There are a few countries where a surcharge of $4.00USD will be added to the shipping charge. Please be aware of this. You will see all charges before you complete your order. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We ship twice a week. Once mailed, within the USA you should receive your order within 3-7 days. This does not include Sundays or Holidays. International orders typically take around 15 days; but in some areas can take as long as 30 days. Unfortunately the United States Postal Service does not allow tracking of International Orders. In all our years of business, it has been extremely rare for anyone outside the USA not to receive their order. Please allow for the appropriate amount of time stated.


Who is an ideal customer for the Optx 20/20 Hydrotac StickonBifocals™?
ANYONE who needs some sort of magnification and those with the medical condition known as presbyopia.
* Almost every person over the age of 40 needs some sort of corrective lenses for seeing up close and of course, many younger people do as well. Age is not necessarily a factor.
* You want to keep playing sports and being outside.
* You want to continue wearing your own sunglasses and not continually paying for prescription sunglasses.
* Many need to wear protective lenses for work or do-it-yourself activities at home. 

When people develop presbyopia, they find it necessary to hold books, magazines, newspapers, menus and other reading materials at arms length in order to focus properly. When they perform close-up work, such as threading a fishing line into the hook, threading a needle to sew, embroidery work or even handwriting, they may develop headaches, eyestrain or feel fatigued.

When they reach the point of not being able to read up close without stretching their arms past their limit, many people turn to single vision reading glasses. With StickonBifocals™, you can convert your current long-distance glasses into bifocals instantly or your favorite sunglasses into reading glasses. Voila! There you have it!  

StickonBifocals™ allow you to look down and through the lenses for near work and "up and over" them for distance. The StickonBifocals™ are so much better than regular reading glasses because if you try to look up and across the room through the reading glasses, everything appears blurry.


Why would I want to buy a pair of StickonBifocals™ and why are they so special?
* You don't need to carry 2 pair of glasses.
* You can convert your sunglasses instantly into readers and afford to change your styles more often!
* A great solution to expensive bifocal glasses, bifocal sunglasses and bifocal safety glasses where you'd pay hundreds of dollars at your eye care provider.
* They are affordable and economical.
* They are removable and reusable.
* No adhesives are needed. They stick with hot water through molecular attraction and the lenses leave no residue.
* Each lens stick with hot water and once dry, they stay firmly bonded, even in wet conditions.
* Made from a Polymer Aspheric Material.
* The lenses are distortion free.
* They are made in the USA.
* The lenses are specially made so they will not yellow with time or break. They should remain somewhat flexible; but know, they are not fully flexible.
* You can cut them with scissors to fit any glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles and even dive mask. They may be trimmed, we suggest from the rounded bottom side.
* The Optx lenses include a manufacturer guarantee against process and material defects. Contact the manufacturer directly. Their information is included within each package. 


How do the Optx 20/20 Hydrotac StickonBifocals™ lenses work?
The lenses attach easily to any clean pair of glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles or dive mask, using hot water. The special material used, stays in place through molecular adhesion - not glue. Do not press or squeeze out all the water between the StickonBifocals™ and your glasses. It is this remaining water that wicks away and dries the lenses to your glasses for a no fall off adhesion! Don't overthink the application process. It's actually too easy! You can remove and reuse them as often as needed. It really is that simple! Detailed application instructions are included. You are also welcome to see our page, "Installation Guide" for further helpful instructions or watch tutorials online by Google searching our name "StickonBifocals".

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